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Dripper’s Paradise is a Brick and Mortar shop partnered with The Vape Apes.


The Vape Apes are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
We Retail our own Quality Vaping MAX VG eLiquids or eJuices.

Our own Brick and Mortar Vape Shop is Located in Milwaukee, WI.

Dripper’s Paradise
4302 West Forest Home Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53219

>>>Dripper’s Paradise Website<<<

Whether you are:

  • a seasoned pro in WI attempting to make the biggest Milwaukee vapor clouds
  • a jet-setter from LA that loves to partake in exotic and distinctive flavors
  • a casual vapor in PA that just ditched the analogs
  • a user of the classic “e-cigarette” and dissatisfied with the performance
  • a cloud chaser seeking huge vapor production with 100% VG juice
  • everyone in between


You will find something to love about our 100% VG eLiquids.


Our eLiquids are Produced Under Strict Supervision.

As with any quality product on the market these days, we wanted to put manufacturing in the hands of seasoned professionals. The chosen Lab is under strict supervision by a PhD. It is certified to be clean and the best ingredients will be used. With that being said, you can be assured your vapor juice is meeting exact specifications.