Not Too Shabby


VapingWithTwisted420 has returned! His awesome eLiquid flavors are available on sale for a limited time, while supplies last.

See Flavor Profiles below.

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*Limited Supply*

— Blazeberry Cream —
Blackberries and raspberries…two of the most neglected berries in existence! We decided to show them some love and figured, while we were at it, we would include ice cream because who doesn’t like ice cream? You’ll love this creamy dessert vape!

— Deeecent —
Fruit vapes…we love em! But you know who isn’t getting enough love? Grapefruit. So we decided to throw them on a pedestal and include a few friends! This is one good fruit vape people, and it is addictive. Be careful!

— Distortion —
Distortion is that feeling of déjà vu. It’s like knowing what’s in front of you but not being able to see it. Think~ the Bull Energy Drink, Lemonade, and Iced tea.

— Fatboy’s Delight —
Think~ an immaculate representation of Banana Cinnamon Cream Danish! If one smell doesn’t have your cholesterol soaring, you have no soul!

— Fruity Rebels —
Fruity Rebels is your favorite breakfast cereal re-imagined into an E-Liquid. One Vape will send you directly to Bedrock! If you love cereal/fruity vapes this flavor will be a timeless love affair!

— Like A Sir —
Like a jilted lover Like A Sir will RUIN you! Think~ a decadent mixture of butterscotch, sea salted caramel, and a dash of vanilla bean!

— NASM —
So I know everyone is pretty familiar with strawberry and creme/milk flavors but didn’t there always seem like something was missing? Well, guess what? THIS IS NOT ANOTHER STRAWBERRY MILK! We decided to actually allow you to taste the strawberry on this one! One vape and your life will be changed…for the better!

— Super Cereal —
Cereal vapes are awesome but you know what is better than a regular ol’ cereal vape? A SUPER CEREAL VAPE! This liquid will rescue you from all the other mundane and bland cereal vapes out there. Take a vape and put your cape on!

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Not Too Shabby Flavors

Blazeberry Cream, Deeecent, Distortion, Fatboy's Delight, Fruity Rebels, Like A Sir, NASM, Super Cereal

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ZERO, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg


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